Top Ten Tuesdays (2)

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten- Almost (but not-so-much)- Romantic Book Moments

Well Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! Okay… okay… we all have a hate-love relationship with the over marketed not-so-much-‘holiday’ Day- but whether you love it or hate it, it’s here! And so is Top Ten Tuesday. So, in effort to save you from just another mushy-gushy reminder that today is today, we decided to look at the “not-so-romantic-moment” moments in the books we’ve recently read =)

Tiff’s Four

 (And her One Romantic Moment)

In No Certain Order

1). The ‘It’s Okay bc I’m Cold’ Logic:

in “Eclipse” (“Twilight Saga”)

2). The ‘I Dream of Kissing a Bird’ Scene:

from “Burned” (“House of Night”)

3). The ‘Love Confessions: Scottish Style’:

 in “Awakened” (“House of Night”)

4). TheIncest is Incest’ Overlook:

from Mortal Instruments (“City of Ashes”);

♥♥5). The ‘Dandelion Choice’:

In “Mockingjay” (“Mortal Instruments”)

Kat’s Four

(And her One Romantic Moment)

In No Certain Order

 1).The ‘Beg until she Caves’ style:

From “Stray” (“Shifter”)

2). The ‘Too Blind to See the Truth’ type:

In “Game of Thrones” (“Song of Ice and Fire”)

3).The ‘Thou Shall Not Imprint on Your ex-lover’s Daughter’ Logic:

In “Breaking Dawn” (“Twilight Saga”)

4).The ‘Don’t Believe in Monogamy’ style:

In “Infinite Days” (“Vampire Queen”)

♥♥5).The “Ultimate Choice Between Love and Death”:

from “If I Stay” (“If I Stay”)


 The Breakdown

Tiff’s List

1). “Eclipse” (“Twilight” Saga); The Tent Scene: It was meant to be this super romantic moment; Edward, despite his jealousy and protective feelings against Jacob (who has made very clear his intentions and feelings towards Bella), asks for his help because Edward fears for Bella’s life. Ehhh. Not so much. There’s just nothing believable about the neediness and desperation on behalf of any of the characters here. I get it- we’re not dealing with humans. But it wouldn’t hurt if you’d appeal a bit more to my human nature. Being a bit cold (after all Bella, you’re wanting to marry him, an eternal glacier!?!) just doesn’t justify it enough..


 2). “Burned” (“House of Night” Series); I Dream of a Bird Kisses: Well, we all saw it coming… the tension building between Stevie Rae (she is the best friend of Zoey, the House of Nights lead character) and Rephaim; a Raven Mocker (a half-raven, half- human being). As much as I love Stevie Rae’s ‘ohmygoodness’ attitude and want to empathize with her falling in love- there’s just nothing sexy about wanting to make-out with a human body with a crow face. He’s got a beak for crying out loud! Gross.




3). “Awakened” (“House of Night” Series); Scottish Style Love Confessions: On the same note of this grossly romantic series… I couldn’t wait for Zoey to get a grip and finally fall in love with Stark. However, when it finally happened, at the beginning of this book, I found myself nauseated and bored. Three chapters of them gazing into each other’s eyes and confessing their undying love = failed romantic moment (and -yawn- boring).


4). “City of Ashes” (“Mortal Instruments” Series); The Siblings Kiss: Yeah, yea, ya .. I know we all knew (or for God’s sakes HOPED we knew) that Jace and Clary weren’t really going to turn out siblings. BUT STILL! I felt uncomfortable with this ‘forbidden love’ continuing to stir, under even an inkling of possibility, that they might ultimately be related. This is something we should never have to wonder; Will they be able to act upon their obvious love for each other or will they just end up being the aunt and uncle of each other’s kids?! Geeze. But still, I could have let that slide. HOWEVER, and seriously folks, there is a make-out scene in “City of Ashes” before they found out they weren’t really brother and sister. That’s just weird and totally not okay. Incest = Failed Romantic Moment!!!!



5). Hunger Games (“Mockingjay”); The Final Choice: I’m not the biggest fan of over-the-top love scenes, but for me, this moment takes the cake; As Katniss explains: “What I need to survive is not Gale’s fire, kindled with rage and hatred. I have plenty of fire myself. What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again. And only Peeta can give me that”. Up until this moment I was completely unbiased about whether Katniss would choose Peeta or Gale… but (in all the glory of Collins writing), I couldn’t imagine it any other way!



Kat’s List

1. “Stray” (“Shifters”);Beg until she caves: Having read this book very recently, I can tell you exactly why I did not like the relationship between these two. Faythe started off as a revel, independent woman who ran off from the safety of her own home to lead a life that was different from hers. But as it turned out, she was mostly running away from her responsibilities and a marriage proposal from her long term boyfriend Marc. Now, to any other person with a “right” mind, this would mean the end of the relationship, however as soon as Faythe was pulled back to her family for her own good, Marc started to ‘mark’ his territory and ownership over her again. It was pretty pathetic and clingy at the same time. After one drunken night of misery and some bad judgment, Faythe started to see things anew (as if the five years they have spent apart was no big deal). It turns out that her father, the Alpha of the pack, has arranged for his only daughter to fall in love with Marc, who he intended to pass along the leadership of the pack to. There was betrayal and manipulation written all over it, but of course Marc, being the hopeless romantic that he is, didn’t find this appalling and Faythe miraculously understood the life that her father has set ahead for her and complied. It is one of the unhealthiest relationships that I have ever read. It is completely based on lies (and not to mention that Faythe had a “human” boyfriend at the time). I think it felt sadder since the two of them were actually in love. Love comes in all shapes and sizes but I do not agree with this one.


2. ” Game of Thrones” (“Song of Ice and Fire”); Too Blind to see the Truth: Of all the couples that appear in this book, I found Sansa’s version of prince charming most troubling. As a little girl, even I dreamed that one day I would live a fairy tale come true… but not to the extent that it would blind me from everything else. This is why the relationship between Sansa and Joffery kills me! It’s also why I choose this moment as a romantic failure: Joffery frightens Sansa’s little sister, Arya (when she is playing with a friend) and subsequently Arya’s wolf attacked and injured him (which I know we all enjoyed a little bit). But even at this moment Sansa refuses to see that her prince charming is an unlovable bully (and quite frankly deserved what he got), but she has the nerve to blame Arya.


 3.  “Breaking Dawn”(“Twilight Saga”); Thou Shall Not Imprint on your Ex-Lover’s Daughter:  Okay- yes. We all got a bit weary of the love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob by the end. We all also knew where her heart really was. This left us hoping beyond hope that there would still be a perfect ending for Jacob; one which also allowed for Bella and Edward to be peacefully together once and for all. HOWEVER, Jacob ‘imprinting’ on the daughter of the woman he was (only moments before) in love with is just a bit of a stretch. This is convenient writing at best. Yes, this provided a easy solution for Jacob, who we all sympathized with, but this is just a huge stretch (and a bit too high on the pedophile scale for my taste). She’s a baby for crying out loud! Imprint or not, it’s a pinch too close to creep = Fail.


4.  “Infinite Days” (“Vampire Queen”); Don’t Believe in Monogamy: How can any relation between a girl and three boys be good? Lenah is the vampire queen that has lived for more than 400 years. Rhode, her maker, has given his life to make Lenah human again. Their love is touching and, at the same time, devastatingly sad but he is soon out of the equation. Not a day after being made human, she finds someone of her ‘taste’, Justin. Of course, Justin can’t resist noticing the mysterious and irresistible Lenah. Along the process, Lenah succeeds in bringing down two other men in her life. Supposedly, she either tried to avoid it or “didn’t see it coming”. Next to “Twilight”, it was one of the most ridiculous vampire-human relationships I have ever read. It was based on loneliness and desperation which is a tell-tale sign of a bad breakup in real life but on the other hand, I guess it is satisfying to read about a couple who gets through this mess with love, no matter how unrealistic it might be.


5. “If I Stay” (“If I stay”); Ultimate Choice between Love and Death:  A horrible car crash causes Mia to lose all of her family. Just when she thought she had nothing else to live for, she journeys through her entire life in a flash. On the edge of death she remembers that, not only would her family want her to continue her life, but there are others who care for her and love her just as much they once did. When she finds the courage to finally open her eyes again, she see’s them there right by her side waiting for her to be whole again.


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