St. Patrick’s Day Quick Facts (and The Hunger Games Newest Movie Clip!)

St. Patrick’s Day has taken on a new meaning to me over the past few years. It was two years ago yesterday that I received a dreadful phone call from a friend telling me that Will (my husband, who was then a service member of the U.S Army) had been critically wounded by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. I waited many agonizing hours, hoping to get any sort of news about how seriously injured he was. It wasn’t until the wee hours of St. Patrick’s Day morning that I finally got to hear his voice and know that he was going to be okay. It was the kindest piece of luck I had ever received. So now to me St. Patrick’s Day has become the day I knew my husband was going to live =) For that I will forever be grateful. So in honor of the special day, here are some things that you may or may not have known about St. Patrick’s Day. (Also, as a little gift you, we’ve included the newest HG movie clip at the bottom of this page! Only 12 days to go !!!).


Well I hope you guys learned something new about this fun day.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody!! I hope you find lots of luck today, or in the world of Panem, “May the odds be ever in your favor”!! Here’s the newest Hunger Games clip, an IGN exclusive:


Happy New Year! Happy New Blog!

!!Happy New Year! Happy New Blog!!

Kathryn and I had the most AMAZING New Year =) She flew over from Korea to be part of my wedding (we hadn’t seen each other in 2 years, so that made it all that more special!). We were reunited with many of our friends that we’d lived with in France, and the fact that it was at Disney World made it such a magical occasion! We had planned on having this news and the blog all up and running by the beginning of January, but when you live in our world, the beginning of a New Year can happen a couple of months late =) Anyway, we’ve been talking about New Years’ resolutions and decided it would be prevalent to make one together for our Blog. This year we are promising each other to have two entries each per month (and hopefully even more but we didn’t want to over shoot haha). Our other goal is to have 300 followers by next year! We’re working hard to make this a special place for others to visit and a sanctuary, of sorts, for ourselves.

As for us personally, we’ve got a lot going on, this beginning of 2012. I started the year as a newlywed, which accompanied moving to D.C (a new place for both me and my husband) because Will started school here at George Washington. I am still job hunting, and crossing my fingers that I’ll find one soon- not only for financial reasons, but mostly because I’m going crazy with a lack of friends! That’s always the kicker about moving somewhere new- it’s so fun and exciting to explore a new place (especially one like D.C that has something hidden in every nook and cranny) but friends don’t come with the package. You’ve gotta go out there and find some lol, I just don’t know where to look. Kathryn, on the other hand, has also been all sorts of busy- first flying back to Korea after a few weeks’ vacation here with us in the U.S, and since has been applying like crazy for Master programs and studying for the dreaded GRE. She hopes to be back over on this side of the world by the end of the summer (at the latest). We’ve both been going through the pains of transition, from these big ones, to even small ones like getting a face-lift on our blog design and waiting waiting waiting for it to be ready. But we both share the same belief that no good change, no fun adventure, comes without a little discomfort. It’s worth it in the long run =) We hope that all of your New Years’ are panning out to have begun in positive directions! And maybe, just maybe, you’ll find some encouragement in the fact that we’re just now getting around to making our own resolutions- so it’s not too late for you to start (or re-start lol) yours! Everyday can be a first day in our world, and we’re inviting you to join =) So again, HAPPY NEW YEAR, AND HAPPY BLOGGING!

*What did you do for your New Year? And have you made/kept any resolutions? What were they?

Love Tiff and Kat